The Essentials of A Good Chef Knife

Knives are basic items for any chef. When you are preparing salad, chopping onions, peeling the potatoes, or slicing the meat to make stew, you need a knife. Therefore, it is essential to have a superb chef knife set as a chef to ease the role that one has to play, either in a hotel kitchen or at home. The following are the essentials of a good chef knife.

The Need for Diversity

Every time you need cutlery, there are basic differentiated tasks that you may perform: Chopping, peeling, or even slicing. It is necessary to have a set of cutlery to ease the performance of specific tasks. Short, light knives may be essential for peeling, and heavy knives are excellent in chopping. Make sure that you have at least three knives in varying sizes.

Ease of Use and Design

. Essential knives should be easy to sharpen and maintain sharpness for a long time. It will not only save time but also offer superb opportunity to practice various aspects of the knife. The German chef knives, for instance, come with different shapes and designs. They offer a sense of class.

Wholly Metallic Knives

. You may as well need a knife that is easy to clean and does not have the unnecessary rivets. Then, you can choose the global knives that are made of a singular piece of metal. However, the only shortcoming could be that they may be too cold at times.

Ceramic Kitchen Knives

. These are newly designed and manufactured knives. The fact that they are made of aluminum or Zirconium oxide makes them really hard and light to use. In fact, they are so durable that they remain sharp for years. They are the most common knives for chefs in the modern era.

Knife sharpeners

.Any blunt knife takes away the joy of working in the kitchen. The most reliable knife-sharpeners include water-grit stones and the electric knife sharpeners. The obvious choice among them is the grit stones as they are easily portable and do not require any expertise in use. The fact that the grit stones do not grind the “shoulders” of the knife makes them the common professional knife sharpening choice.

Scarlett (Author)