Recipe for the day, Calzones!

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I can’t believe this time next week we will be gathered around friends and family eating, watching football and plotting out our Black Friday routes.  Don’t judge… you know you do it too. 🙂  But enough about next week, today I’ve got the recipe for the perfect chilly day/ carb lover.  Calzones!!!

Alright, before I get down into the nitty gritty of the recipe I have to be honest and let you guys know that the first time I made this, I TOTALLY botched it.  We are talking like beautiful outside but doughy inside.  Yea… ew.  So, I’ve added a few pointers along the way to make sure you don’t end up with the same mess I did.  Ok, on we go…

If you haven’t grabbed the shopping list, get it here::

First things first, set your bread out to rise.  You can use the loaves like I used or the frozen Rhodes rolls would work perfectly to create smaller more kid friendly calzones.  They need to rise between 3 – 5 hours so set them out on your lunch break and you should have some perfectly risen bread by dinner time.

Again, you have to excuse my terrible picture taking but just look at those buns! hehe… couldn’t resist the pun.

Now, here comes the fun part.  Remember all along the way with this recipe that PAM is your friend.  Not Pam down the street, Pam in the can.  Got me?  Alright… grab some wax paper or foil and set it out on your countertop now, let it get REAL acquainted with your friend Pam or else that bread you just let rise half a day will become the stickiest substance ever. in your life. amen.

This next part is where I went wrong so listen up… if you let your bread rise as long as I did and it’s as big as mine was, make 2 calzones out of each loaf.  If you only needed two tonight still go ahead and make the other load into two more, wrap them in that foil you have laid out with Pam all over it and, voila!  You have an easy dinner for a couple of weeks down the road.

On to the stuffing!  Take your dough and set it on the foil or wax paper you laid out.  Split it apart with your fingers until you have a big enough space to fill it with lots of goodies.  Melt your butter and add your garlic to it, use a silicone brush or your fingers or the spout of the measuring cup it’s all in to spread some over the dough where you are about to put your toppings.  Put a good layer of marinara sauce in there, then get to stuffing!  We chose big chunks of mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, and ham.

Now, all that’s left to do is pinch your bread back shut, place it seam side down in the PAM soaked pan, drizzle more garlic butter on the top and bake it on 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  If you are cooking a smaller calzone, adjust your time and just watch for the top to get a good golden brown color and the bread to be done all the way through.  If you are wanting to freeze the extras, place the calzone pinched seam down and wrap it tightly in pam sprayed foil and place it in the freezer.  When you are ready to get it out and cook it, let it thaw just a bit, pull the foil off, and give it an hour or two to rise then bake it just like you did the fresh ones.

Should end up looking a little something like this:

Yum!  Let me know what you thought when you made your calzones!  What did you stuff it with?